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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jay's Book Club NEWS

New York, NY - Jay's Book Club has announced their partnership with Black Circle News, a print publication that focuses on empowerment issues.

Jay's Book Club will have a column exclusively featuring, authors, writers, publishers and industry related products and services. The book club will be the Black Circle News' exclusive resource for featuring lead stories, special features, special promotions and provide the newspaper subscribers with book reviews and special features on African Amercian Literature.

Book reviews will be rated exclusively by Jay's Book Club and published accordingly. The rating system is on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the highest.

Publishers and Authors are encouraged to send review copies, press releases and/or promotional samples early enough to be place on the club's suggested reading list. You may request to have the published work reviewed quicker, by requesting to have a priority review.

Other clubs, businesses, book store organizations team up with Jay's Book Club to help provide the best possible services available to their club members, authors and publishers.

To become a reading member of Jay's Book Club, you may post a new comment, with the words:
(I want to join Jay's Book Club.) Membership is free.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Jay's Suspense Novel Reviews

Author Vincent R. Alexandria’s book “If Walls Could Talk” is a murder detective mystery. With no surprise, the book will keep a reader’s interest and have you laughing at times. No doubt he is an excellent story-teller as he keeps the story moving with many twists and turns. This is certainly a true mystery. His work is the type of work that can easily be turned into a movie.
“If Walls Could Talk” receives FIVE STARS.

Author Shelly L. Foster hooks the twenty-something male population, which is a very hard audience. Her book, “Choices” is deadly and keeps your attention to the very end. The characters are very descriptive. “Choices,” captures sex, trust, money, independence and power, illustrating the author’s creative abilities as an excellent print entertainer. It’s a must read.. “Choices” receives FOUR STARS

Jay's Best Seller's List

Faith & Business:

“The Book of Proverbs for Entrepreneurs—Key to Success”
By Author, Lisa Washington
Exclusively Available: http://www.blackbusinesscircle.com
ISBN: 0-615-12013-X
Price: $10

"Business For Everyone”
By Howard Hughes

Available: http://www.cbbooksdistribution.com
ISBN: 1930847785
Price: $11.95

“Releasing the Money Anointing”
By Author, Charles Winburn
Available: http://www.cbbooksdistribution.com

ISBN: 1593520824
Price: $18.95

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jay's Suggested Reading List



Against A Brick Wall
By T. Weldon Garrett
059522072X, Price $24.95


The Black History Quiz Book, By Melvett Chambers, ISBN 1890994391, Price $12.95

Seven Secrets of How to Study, By Stephen Jones, ISBN 0974082406, Price $19.99


Shattered Vessels, By Nancey Flowers, ISBN 0970819110, Price $28.99

Mountain High, Valley Low, By Renee Flagler, ISBN 0976046601, Price $14.95

End of Dreams, By D.C. Douglass, ISBN (n/a), Price $13.50

Single Black Female By Carrie Carr, ISBN 0595337244, Price $18.95

Love Thy Sister Watch Thy Back, By Denise Campbell, ISBN 0974226912, Price $14.95

Spanish Eyes, By Denise Campbell, ISBN 0974226920, Price $14.95


The Looking Heart, By Marc Lacy, ISBN 0974971294, Price $14.00

The Poetic Repercussion, By Mark Anthony Thomas, ISBN 0970364911, Price $13.95


Soul Cookin Southern Style, By Melvett Chambers, ISBN 1890994340, Price $10.95

Home Hair Care Help, By Dirk Evans, ISBN 0615126227, Price $19.95

God’s Vision or Television?, By Carl Jeffrey Wright, ISBN 0940955903, Price (n/a)


The Black Belt Club - Seven Wheels of Power, By Dawn Barnes, ISBN 0439639352, Price $16.95