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Jay's Book Club focuses on African American Literature, with a five-star rating system. Priority book reviews can be provided with a small donation of $25.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jay's Suggested Reading List



Against A Brick Wall
By T. Weldon Garrett
059522072X, Price $24.95


The Black History Quiz Book, By Melvett Chambers, ISBN 1890994391, Price $12.95

Seven Secrets of How to Study, By Stephen Jones, ISBN 0974082406, Price $19.99


Shattered Vessels, By Nancey Flowers, ISBN 0970819110, Price $28.99

Mountain High, Valley Low, By Renee Flagler, ISBN 0976046601, Price $14.95

End of Dreams, By D.C. Douglass, ISBN (n/a), Price $13.50

Single Black Female By Carrie Carr, ISBN 0595337244, Price $18.95

Love Thy Sister Watch Thy Back, By Denise Campbell, ISBN 0974226912, Price $14.95

Spanish Eyes, By Denise Campbell, ISBN 0974226920, Price $14.95


The Looking Heart, By Marc Lacy, ISBN 0974971294, Price $14.00

The Poetic Repercussion, By Mark Anthony Thomas, ISBN 0970364911, Price $13.95


Soul Cookin Southern Style, By Melvett Chambers, ISBN 1890994340, Price $10.95

Home Hair Care Help, By Dirk Evans, ISBN 0615126227, Price $19.95

God’s Vision or Television?, By Carl Jeffrey Wright, ISBN 0940955903, Price (n/a)


The Black Belt Club - Seven Wheels of Power, By Dawn Barnes, ISBN 0439639352, Price $16.95


At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

I sent you a copy of my book "Afroetry", and made the $25 donation, but never received a review, and you haven't answered any of my emails. What's up?


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