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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Jay's Suspense Novel Reviews

Author Vincent R. Alexandria’s book “If Walls Could Talk” is a murder detective mystery. With no surprise, the book will keep a reader’s interest and have you laughing at times. No doubt he is an excellent story-teller as he keeps the story moving with many twists and turns. This is certainly a true mystery. His work is the type of work that can easily be turned into a movie.
“If Walls Could Talk” receives FIVE STARS.

Author Shelly L. Foster hooks the twenty-something male population, which is a very hard audience. Her book, “Choices” is deadly and keeps your attention to the very end. The characters are very descriptive. “Choices,” captures sex, trust, money, independence and power, illustrating the author’s creative abilities as an excellent print entertainer. It’s a must read.. “Choices” receives FOUR STARS


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